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Atlassian Suite

We provide a complete set of services to customers, supporting their Atlassian solutions and the teams that are using them. Our team delivers solutions for software and IT teams, integrating processes for agile project management, DevOps, and service management (ITSM). We also help accelerate business teams like Sales, HR, and QA through work process optimization and effective collaboration. With our global reach, we collaborate with diverse teams and support them as they evolve in size and complexity.

Customized solutions: Empower IT, software and business teams

Our team of Atlassian experts can help you define & implement solutions that support the needs of all stakeholders and can help you ensure that such solutions are aligned with how you work.


Our customized offerings include:

Product and project management: Using Jira Software with extensions like Structure for Jira or BigPicture allows you to tailor solutions, both, for teams focusing on product management using agile methodologies as well as those following traditional project management practices. These Atlassian solutions help agile teams be more productive and provide managers with easy access to up-to-date information at task and portfolio levels without any administrative overhead.

Scaling Agile: When scaling agile teams using any framework such as SAFe, LeSS or DA, it’s very useful to have a tool that provides the ability to aggregate team-level data to make all work visible across the enterprise in real-time.  Jira Align, an Atlassian product, provides not just visibility across multiple agile teams, but also top-down (and bottom-up) traceability of strategy to execution. Delivery of work (initiatives) is no longer guesswork, thus executives get more predictable ROI. Jira Align makes all the PI information available in a digital format making it easy for distributed teams to collaborate. It also connects strategic investments with customer value created to drive outcomes faster and more reliably.

Service management: With Atlassian products like Jira Service Management and extensions like Insight - Asset Management for Jira, you can have specialized solutions supporting traditional ITIL processes integrated tightly with software development to support agile and DevOps oriented ways of working. These solutions can offer advanced Asset Management and Service Desk built around knowledge-centred Service (KCS).

Collaboration: With Confluence at the core and integrations with other collaboration tools like Jira, Trello, and Slack, you get a powerful collaboration platform helping teams avoid fragmented information spread across countless e-mails and documents. When collaborating in a relevant context, it is easier for team members to build on ideas and encourage innovation.

Software development: Leveraging the combination of the Jira Software, Bitbucket, and Bamboo yields a powerful software delivery pipeline with richly integrated tool support and out-of-the-box automation. The result is radical transparency and traceability throughout the process, combined with very effective information radiation. Extending the solution with test management support tools like Zephyr or Xray lets you adapt the pipeline to support the formal QA processes. Simultaneously, you can also increase the productivity of the software development teams who require it. 

Business teams: The flexible and powerful workflow engine in Jira helps business teams working with areas such as HR, Sales & Marketing, QA, or Risk Management create solutions that complement their existing portfolio of expert tools. Additionally, it boosts their internal and external collaboration. The many extensions, available for building advanced user interfaces and workflow configurations, offer endless possibilities for creating solutions optimized for your teams’ specific needs.

Atlassian Platform services: Ensure reliability, scalability, and security

As the adoption of Jira and Confluence in the organization increases, their criticality to the enterprise skyrockets. It triggers emergent requirements in the areas of performance, availability, reliability, and security. Whether you need hosting or you want to scale up your Atlassian environment for high availability scenarios, as Atlassian solution partners we can supply skilled professionals to configure and manage your applications. Our application and platform experts ensure that your solutions are reliable, scalable, and secure.

Free-license management: Simplify procurement and administration

It is a common practice to extend Jira and Confluence functionality using third-party apps sold through the Atlassian marketplace. These extensions are often acquired individually, which causes unnecessary work and administrative costs for procurement teams and application managers both initially and during subsequent renewals. Our team of license managers can handle all your license renewals and procurement needs without any additional cost. At the same time, we handle co-terming of subscriptions, offer beneficial payment terms in local currency as well as advice on how to minimize license costs.

Training programs: Increase team productivity

Jira and Confluence are powerful tools and with a lot of features to be discovered. When used effectively, they provide significant productivity improvement to teams using them. By investing in their skills, your employees will gain an even better understanding of these possibilities and be better able to leverage these functionalities themselves. Our team of trainers can tailor programs to incorporate elements from your business domain and way of working, creating powerful and effective learning experiences. In addition to creating and delivering training content, we offer a wide range of complementary services, including course logistics and feedback to management regarding how training goals are met over time.

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